Toilets. And Potatoes.

This may sound really lame, but today my mom, sister and I, on our way to Kohler-Andrae State Park, decided to stop by the Kohler showroom. It was pretty sweet.

Wall o’ toilets. 

I experienced serious bathroom envy during our tour.



(Sidenote for following photographs: I feel well-deserved anger toward WordPress for making this photograph look washed out. Because for once in my life, I took a photograph that the histogram liked. And my computer liked. And Photoshop Elements liked. But if you click the image, the photographs are a lot more colorful. I feel better now.)

Sorting potatoes at the Lacey Garden. The Lacey Garden is volunteer-run and part of the Madison Area Food Pantry Gardens. The food grown in the garden is given to local food pantries. 

More potatoes. I tried shooting underneath, up where the volunteers were scraping some of the dirt off, but it didn’t quite work out. Note: Do you know that if you keep a thin layer of dirt on the potatoes, it protects the potatoes? New fact.  




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