Shameless Plug


[If you’d like to skip to the shameless plug, start reading below the image.]

Today’s excitement including loading a bass amp from the basement into the truck, removing it from the truck, dragging it into the guitar store, dragging it out of the guitar store, loading it into the truck and placing it back in the basement. Productive. As the gain cuts out (according to the guitar store, this is super lame), the amp isn’t very sellable and will be turned into a table as punishment. Creative.

The remainder of the day was spent getting rid of stuff, shoving furniture together, vacuuming, puttying holes and inhaling mass quanities of Pine-Sol, which swears to be the “powerful smell of real clean.” Right. We donned protective masks (old t-shirts) and went to work attacking the basement walls with the stuff. (My father has since informed me that masks really only keep particles from entering your system, not odors. Excellent.)

One day I will live somewhere for more than three months at a time and then I can take my (parents’) vinyl with me.


On to the shamless plug!

A couple months ago my dad asked if I wanted to be part of the Design Concepts Bike MS team. Biking is cool; raising money for MS is cool and so I said sure without asking questions. Questions like, hey! Should I be raising money or something? Typical.
Anyway, the answer is yes, yes I do have to raise money. I found this out a couple days ago. The ride starts August 7th. And here I am, desperately blogging for donations. If you donate, I’ll post photographs of me slogging along Wisconsin roads for 150 miles. And they will be truly spectacular photographs as my attempts to um “train” are going rather pitifully, i.e., nearly non-existent.

But seriously: I would appreciate any donations. It’s for a great cause and it’s super easy to donate. Simply click here and click Donate/ePledge on the left sidebar. Once there, click Best Dam Bike Ride and search “Kathryn Franchino.” Or, if you’d rather, you can just donate to the event by clicking Donate Now on the right sidebar. Whichever is easiest for you. If you donate, please give me your address and I’ll send you a thank-you. Thanks much guys!


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