Super Pathetic Post (don’t expect a lot)

Sidenote: Gravity still works, people. (Sadly the same cannot be said for my “L” key, which is currently requiring abnormal finger force to use.) Yesterday I found myself braking a tad too hard while biking and, as a result, pitched over the handle bars. Very graceful.

In other exciting news, Cole and I made it back in three days. Per usual I got us lost (went south instead of north, blah blah blah big deal) and caused us to miss our CouchSurfing destination. We did get to go to Ed’s Steak House the following day, which probably made up for my getting lost. Hooray to us (one vegetarian and one pescatarian) for routinuely choosing restaurants where we can eat about three things. We did have fun with those stupid quarter machines though. Here, have a crappy photograph: 

An excellent waste of quarters. Absolutely stellar grammatical error! 


Really, that’s about it photo-wise. The rest of my photos are family ones. I blame the lack of photographs to cleaning the basement. Having spent the majority of my time here wading through all the stuff stored in that basement, I have come to the conclusion that my nonexisitent children will never have toys. 


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