Good-Bye, Portland

Yesterday was my last day. Not only did I manage to throw my phone out my second-story window, I lost my keys and, consequently, was 30 minutes late to work. That made it my first time being late to work all summer. Figures. Keys were found on my dashboard. Also figures. 

I’m not sure if that MECA Pre-College Program story will pan out. I left the photos and the decision with a reporter. The only photograph I liked was the one below, primarily because of the lighting. I absolutely despise not being able to think up anything remotely creative, and it was the student I photographed who suggested moving over to the window. Photographer fail.

Olivia Berger is a MECA summer student.

I’m pretty bad at saying good-bye to people and places as I get attached so easily, so after work yesterday I booked it over to Bullmoose to buy Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros solely so I could soothe myself by blasting “Home” as I drove off. Bullmoose is like CD crack and reponsible for the hole in my bank account. I seriously cannot walk in there without having to talk myself out of a CD. I blame its rewards card. But it’s been a good trade -my money for (mostly) good CDs. Good-bye, Portland. It’s been fun.

Anyway, I’m currently in Needham, MA, with Cole. We’re going to CouchSurf somewhere is PA tonight -should be fun. Excuse me now while I try and wrangle a keyboard into the van.


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