My Last Night In Portland

This is a rather old photograph, but I stumbled upon it when transferring files to my new hard drive and I don’t think I’ve used it yet. I’m desperately trying to breathe life into my old hard drive in an attempt to recover files. It’s been a fruitless effort.

The Black Point Inn. This was taken during little heat wave. I somehow resisted the temptation to abandon my assignment and swim in the ocean.

Ann, a reporter, and I interviewed and photographed people at Old Orchard Beach for a story on riptides. There have been a high number of riptides in the area and life guards to rescue 49 people in two days.

The Old Orchard Beach area has a take-down carnival/touristy boardwalk feel to it. Not really my cup of tea, but sitting on the fog-covered beach for two hours was nice.

Dan Mahoney describes his riptide experience. See that excellent use of outdoor flash? Poor Dan. I’m pretty sure I near-blinded him.

Kids chilling at OOB.


So there are these things called lobster boat races. Self-explanatory. I scored a ride, making it my fourth or fifth boat ride in four days. Excellent.

Colyn Rich, 8, competed in the Searsport Lobster Boat Races and came in third for his class. Here he holds a sweet green crab his friend caught.

Feature days are sightseeing days. Gordie, another photographer, steered me to a popular summer hangout by the Saco River.

Shane Leadbetter flips off the Old Salmon Falls Bridge into the Saco River. Gutsy.

I finished up Heiwa Tofu piece. Slideshow to come. When I finished, I still had about two weeks left, so I went searching for some more stories.

When someone tells you to do something because it will be an awesome adventure, you go, right? Of course. Which is how I found myself wandering Portland’s wharfs at 4:30 a.m. looking for a lobsterman named Tommy. A couple weeks ago I had learned an aquaintence from Montana had worked as a sternman a couple years back and, after contacting him, he suggested I try to find Tommy. I did manage to get some leads, but nothing really panned out.

So I went on some more story hunts and ended up at the Maine College of Art, or MECA. They have a pre-college summer program, so I photographed two students, Zia and Olivia. The two girls were fabulous, but my photographs were rather weak. We’ll see where the project goes.

Zia painting at MECA.

Well, it’s my last night in Portland. I’ll miss my little green room that’s been my home for seven weeks. It has been approximately 33-ish days since I’ve slept on a bed or anything resembling a bed (i.e., the living room couch). My pillow is still my hoodie. It has been 34-ish days since I washed my clothes in a washing machine. (I found the bathtub works just as well.) I lived primarily on oatmeal, rice and beans, plain yogurt and apples for most of my internship. There have been both bedbugs and fleas. I have watched my hard drive give up nearly all hope. I feel like maybe I should write a short pamphlet on intern survival tactic or something. Anyway, it’s been fun, everyone’s been helpful and kind, I feel like I’ve learned a lot and improved some. I’ll miss it all. I should really pack.


All images shown here ©Portland Press Herald


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