Boat overload… Be prepared.


Sunrise over Portland Harbor.

Image above ©Portland Press Herald

Guess who got to ride the duck again yesterday? Two ducks in two days. We were doing a story on whether or not passengers were hesitant to take the duck after the Philadelphia accident. (They’re not, for the record.)

The view from the duck. (Heavily photoshopped for my own amusement.)

Moving on. Who steals a sunflower plant? From a preschool? Losers, that’s who.

Anyone who has information of said plant should contact Creative Pathways Preschool

I was just about to leave work when there came a call for a photo of a sailboat as it was preparing to leave for the Gulf of Mexico. John Wise, a University of Southern Maine professor, will be heading down on the Odyssey with USM students to study the affect of the BP oil spill on whales. They’ll be there for three to six months.

Professor John Wise with students Ryan Duffy, left, Greg Lake and Catherine Wise in front of the Odyssey.

Image above ©Portland Press Herald

More boat. See that little crow’s nest above the big crow’s nest?

Image above ©Portland Press Herald



Yeah, I went up there.

70 feet down.

Image above ©Portland Press Herald

The crow’s nest was the first thing I noticed when I got to the boat. Adventures are good, right? Duh. One of the first things I asked was if I could go up to the crow’s nest to um… photograph. I quickly found myself sitting in a Bosun’s chair and being hoisted up. A couple of people watched from other boats and DiMillio’s Floating Restaurant and applauded as I when I made it up. I felt famous briefly and it almost made up for not seeing Taylor Swift yesterday.

After finally making it to the smaller crow’s nest and wedging myself in, I managed to pull my camera out of the bag without dropping it or tumbling out of the seat. Pure skill. Although I really wished that I’d…

1. Put the 14mm lens on instead of the 17mm – 35mm. Although the 14mm distorts the image a little, it’s worth it (to me) as you can see so much more in the photograph. Alas, all I could invision was me dropping one of the lens onto the head of a crew member, so I didn’t bother switching them. I am such a wuss.

2. Done a panaramic. Because, hello! I had this amazing 360 view 70 feet above Portland! In the harbor! Next to the city! I am so lame. I spent the walk back to the office berating myself.


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