Downeast Duck Tour

Today I rode on a duck. See below.

Downeast Duck Tour’s custom-built amphibious craft. And that lame sunspot. [Edit: I have just been informed that this is called a ghost.]

I’m from Wisconsin, home of the infamous Wisconsin Dells (not really recommended), which seems to be swamped with duck ride advertisements. However, I’d never ridden on one until today. Overall take on my duck tour: cool concept, too much hype. I’m getting jaded in my old age.

The craft had a ceiling with big, open windows, making it difficult to expose for both the passengers and the outdoors. The problem with shooting when there are two different types of light is that often times the camera, unlike our eyes, can only pick up one. In the shot below I have to expose for either their faces (shaded by the canopy) or the background (lit by the sun). My two options and results:

1. Expose for the faces and blow out the background.
2. Expose for the background and lose the faces.

This is where the SB-600 came in handy. I exposed for the background and cranked up my aperture and shutter speed. I then aimed the SB-600 at the subjects to keep their faces in the photograph.

I had fun practicing outdoor flash, although I’m not sure if the other passengers were as keen on it. I didn’t end up with a ton of good flash shots, but a couple came out OK.

See that? That’s some quality outdoor flash right there. Sort of. Ignore those shadows. Flash off to camera left, 14mm, 1/8 power…? Something like that.

All images shown here ©Portland Press Herald


One thought on “Downeast Duck Tour

  1. Top notch explanation dah-ling–even the likes of me understood. Negative sister points for having this incredible life experience without me.

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