More Heiwa Tofu

Update: The D300 has been giving me trouble as of late i.e., for the past 24 hours. The shutter refuses to work when pressed unless the lens is in manual. I keep reading that the D300 has a shutter life of 150,000 shots and my camera is at 34,000. I also keep reading that this has been a problem for other Nikon users. I have a bad feeling that lighting gear might have to wait until I know what’s up with the camera. Kind of a bummer, but it’s giving me a chance to practice focusing manually.

Continuing. More Heiwa Tofu today.

This is the tofu maker’s daughter’s foot. She was playing with the okara when some fell into her boot. Okara removal was successful!

What is okara? Let’s see if I can kind of get this straight. The process goes something like this:
The beans are ground with water and then heated in boiling water before flowing into a cloth sack. The sack is then pressed by a machine which separates the milk from the fiber. This leftover fiber is the okara. You can read a much more informative piece on the entire tofu process here.

Image ©Portland Press Herald


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