Heiwa Tofu

As part of my internship I am expected to do at least one side project. I’m focusing on a small tofu company, Heiwa Tofu, that I discovered while reading up on Portland’s Vegetarian Food Festival. Though they are not vegetarians, Jeff and Maho will be part of the festival. The two make about 700 pounds of tofu a week in a small garage in Camden. I’m very excited to start photographing the process. Today was mostly interview, so instead of tofu, here’s a photograph I took in the parking lot while waiting for Jeff.


I had my first critque today and was told compositionally I was doing fine, but to focus more on the technical aspect. This didn’t really come as a surprise to me, but it was still good for me to hear. I’ve started paying a lot more attention to my exposure since the internship began, and I think it’s shown at least a little bit in my photography, which is very exciting for me. This photograph’s exposure was pretty accurate, but I decided to play with the contrast and practice PhotoShop’s curves tool.



One thought on “Heiwa Tofu

  1. That’s awesome, Kat! Sounds like a really fun project. I’d love to see how tofu is made. I could probably look it up but… yours sounds cooler!

    And I love the blue in that photo. Pretty sweet building, too.

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