Today resulted in a truly spectacular sunburn. An attempt to cover my back with sunscreen failed miserably, and as a result, my back is half white and half red. Really, could I succeed any more than I already do?

The sunburn was courtesy to five hours of sun, starting at Peaks Island to photograph its annual PeaksFest. Highlights included a cupcake in an ice cream cone and a ride on the coast guard boat, neither of which directly pertained to my job. However, I did use my job to get a ride on the boat and probably broke some sort of journalism ethics by doing so. I did take some photographs from the boat for the paper though. That probably counts for something.


Avery and Bella and their hotdog lunches.

Parker, the master egg cracker. This kid was a riot.

This view is proof that I was, indeed, on a boat in the name of journalism.

Hours 3 through 5 were spent photographing the 24th Annual Southern Maine Pride Parade and Festival, with special guest, Carson Kressley. As I am pathetic (read “television deprived”), I had to ask someone who that was (fashion expert for Queer Eye). Ahh.

Paraders carried this sweet, multicolored flag through the streets. They were very nice about letting me run underneath it to take photographs.


(Any suggestions on moving the camera with a subject would be wonderful.)

I also met a really nice woman, Jo Moser, who was also photographing the parade. Check out her photography at Gay Life Photography.

Sorry for the overload. I’m going back to nursing my burned shoulders.

All images ©Portland Press Herald


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