Seagull Friend

Best part of my day: guard seagull!



3 thoughts on “Seagull Friend

  1. This is possibly one of my favorite pictures. That’s one huge seagull.
    By the bye, the man looks like he’s drinking a slushy. Rumor has it that 7/11 serves free slushies on July 11. I might just have to visit that fine establishment in a few weeks–you should check if they have the same thing in Maine.

  2. m –

    thank you for the compliment!

    i’m impressed by your bountiful knowledge. no wonder you didn’t know about the flotilla -you were too busy following much more important news. good for you honey!

    and yes, it was a freaking huge seagull! too bad i dropped the keys in one of its little friend’s poo. would you mind apologizing to mom?

    ❤ me

  3. Love, love, love this. The purple FedEx text, the line of the gray car against the truck, the colors of the seagull matching the colors on the autos… everything!

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