Friday night is laundry night

The Press Herald is doing a teaser for a new restaurant that’s due to open next week. It was probably one of the more difficult assignments I’ve had so far, and not so much because of technical difficulties, but rather compositional ones. The piece is supposed to highlight the restaurant, but the interior is still under construction. There was no pressing deadline though, which made shooting it a lot more fun.

(You should click that photo because it looks a lot better when it’s larger.) This mirror comes from an old house on Danforth Street in Portland, ME.

Image above ©Portland Press Herald


In other exciting news, one of my roommates and I spent our Friday night washing, drying and folding all of our bedding and clothes. I hadn’t been to a laundromat in years and there is something romantic about them. I’m sure the novelty will wear off after a few visits and many handfuls of quarters, but tonight it was sort of fabulous sitting next to spinning clothes and little cardboard boxes of detergent.

You know your life is cool when you get excited about spending Friday night at the laundromat.

Hello, my Goodwill quilt. I’m sorry you are now bed-less.


One thought on “Friday night is laundry night

  1. Dear,
    You say I never comment on your photos so lets change that. I quite enjoy this soap picture, you made a laundromat look elegant

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