I was reading a little about black and white toning yesterday while waiting for elections to start. Not surprisingly, there is quite a bit to it.

Krusty (version 2)


Today was my first time shooting sports for the Press Herald. I went with John, another photographer at the PPH, to the Yarmouth vs. Gray-New Gloucester baseball game. Although there were free doughnuts during election day, photographing the game definitely beat photographing the elections by a long haul.

I have been spoiled with the University of Montana’s pool of camera gear. When shooting sports in Missoula, I check out a telephoto lens with vibration reduction. The telephoto I’m using here has no VR. [EDIT: I have since been told that VR for sports is pointless.] John kindly lent me his D3 with a 400mm f/2.8 lens for some of the time. I had never used a D3 before but now want one very badly.



D3! That camera is fast. This photo isn’t necessarily quality, but I’ll point out that it was shooting 1/4000 (twice as fast as I was shooting my D300) and at f/5.6.


Photographing the new playground at Peppermint Park was another assignment for the day.  I really enjoy the seagull in this photograph.

Please ignore that ugly sunspot.

Image above ©Portland Press Herald





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