For Micah

This was the first day on my own. Every week the Press Herald highlights a local restaurant. There is an article and a photograph or two. Today I visited the Royal River Grillhouse in Yarmouth to photograph its Atlantic Salmon Filet.


Side-lit with an off-camera SB-600 strobe.

Image above ©Portland Press Herald

Today was fairly slow, so I practiced lighting today, which came in handy when during the Atlantic Salmon Filet photograph. I haven’t done much lighting before, so some of the other photographers have kindly been giving me crash tutorials. There is a bundle of lighting gear sitting in my room so I can practice.

One of my roommates has a cat named Krusty whose front paws are shaped like Michigan.

For Micah




One thought on “For Micah

  1. Aww! I can’t believe I just saw this. You’ve been updating a lot. Definitely putting me to shame. I would have responded more quickly but I only really use the internet when I’m at work since my house has none.

    You should definitely take more sightseeing trips on the coast. That most recent picture is wonderful.

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