SpongeBob vs SquarePants

I think I have shot enough graduations to make up for missing my sister’s several years ago. So no graduation pictures today.

Instead Greg and I skipped down to Union Wharf to photograph a press conference. This was about FEMA revises the flood map for the Portland Harbor. Since there is so little diversity at speeches, debates, etc., it is usually hard to make the shots interesting. I didn’t manage to make it interesting. I wish I’d had something to climb on so I could get a slightly higher angle, and thus get the water and such in the background.

The following images look a little off. Part of the reason is that the photographs are toned specifically for the paper. The computer monitor at work is calibrated to the presses, so the image on the screen appears much darker and grayer at work than on my computer at home. Another reason (and this mostly pertains to images that look saturated) is that I’m rather crummy at PhotoShop.


The other assignment of the day was a surprise parade for Longfellow Elementary School’s lead secretary, Marcia McAfee. Somewhere there is a photograph of me loaded down with camera gear, holding a bunch of balloons for McAfee and pouting. It is odd to be on the other side of the camera. I am determined to get a copy from Greg to post here. It should be a rather fabulous photo.

According to the e-mail we got, Ms McAfee wipes away students’ tears with a yellow sponge and sprinkles “fairy dust” on bandages. So the kids and teachers dressed up as fairies and SpongeBobs and marched around the school building. I didn’t get very many good pictures from this -I exposed poorly for the shots. Goal: work on exposure. The following image turned out OK. It started out a little blue, but that meant I got to practice PhotoShop some more.

Second-grader William Jordan shows off a yellow sponge decorated to look like Nickelodeon’s popular cartoon character, SpongeBob SquarePants

Sidenote: For the first time ever I was unsure if I should refer to a “person” by his last name on the second reference in a cutline. Should it be SquarePants, or is OK to say SpongeBob? Seriously.

Another sidenote: The elevators in One City Center rock. They are gold with wood walls, except for the ones with red padding on the side. I’ve been busy perfecting jumping just as the elevator starts down, which makes me feel as though I’m falling a horrendously long distance. This is exactly why I have an internship.

In other news, Cole came up from Massachusetts to visit. We hit up Portland’s First Friday Art Walk, Federal Spice for dinner and Gritty’s to check out the bar scene. Portland’s not too shabby.

All images ©Portland Press Herald


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