I have come to the conclusion that I have no Photoshop skills whatsoever. That program is huge. I am pretty sure I’ve learned more in the past two days about it than I ever have in class though.

Today marked my first official shooting day. We shot Portland High School’s graduation. This was the first time I shot with two cameras at once (D200 and D300, one with a wide angle lens, the other with a telephoto), and I would often switch cameras and forget to make the proper adjustments. It took a couple of frames before I would look down and notice the scene was heavily underexposed. Lesson learned.

The photos below look a little overexposed below. I’m not sure if it’s my screen or if it’s because I toned them on a computer adjusted to the presses.

Above: Greg Rec, my mentor, first toned this photo for me, but the image above is the one I toned. I based it off his toning so I could work on non-existent Photoshop skills. I think I got it decently close, but mine looks a little saturated.

(left to right) Bridget, Lydia and Fatuma wait to enter the Merrill Auditorium.

Jillian Russell holds a rose while waiting for graduation to begin.


Today’s post was also supposed to include a photograph of cookies. Alas, I cannot find my camera cord. The premise of the photograph: Hannafords, one of Portland’s grocery stores, had a massive container of free cookies… for kids 12 and under. Really, Hannafords?

All images ©Portland Press Herald


3 thoughts on “NO COOKIES

  1. Kat-I just wanted to tell you that I think you have a terrific eye for phtographing people and scenes. The first phtograph of the girls hanging out and waiting was just great. Keep it up and thanks for sharing. Letti

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