Internship: Day 1

Day one of the internship:

I had to give my mentor a ride in my car that smells, among other things, very strongly of road trip. How do you politely apologize to someone suffering from the smell of your car? I really don’t know. Goal for the weekend: purge car of smell.

I didn’t shoot much today. Instead, I followed my mentor Greg around for the day, asked copious amounts of questions and shot the occasional frame for pratice. We wandered down to Cape Elizabeth, home of a famous lighthouse that looks suspiciously like most lighthouses I’ve seen. Hence the reason I’ve included picture below. 

Hello! Welcome to Portland!


After work, I headed back to the beach to take some pictures. Today was snail day.

There were a lot of them.

Snail overload! That was probably more snails than anyone wanted to see…


Only I could manage to get lost from the most simple instructions. I officially moved into my apartment today. Since I could not find the Goodwill, my free mattress is still sheet-less and pillow-less, although I did score some free hangers from one of my very nice roommates. Check out my sweet room! There are wood floors. I could not possibly be more stoked.

 Somewhere, buried in my closet, is Axel’s unicycle. He tried to teach me how to unicycle three or four years ago, but it was a fruitless effort. Hopefully I can dork out and learn to ride it during my free time here in Portland.

Bike, camera, guitar. Notice the lame lighting illuminating them all? That’s some stellar flash practice right there.

Side note: I believe there are either fleas or bedbugs crawling on my free mattress. Huh. Hello sleeping bag!


One thought on “Internship: Day 1

  1. I love snails! I don’t know what it is about them. I just think they’re cute. Probably because I’ve never lived anywhere that had them.

    Your rooms looks pretty fantastic. And nice job with that flash. I thought it was from a window at first.

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