No Maggotfest this weekend. I had to drive up to Arlee to work on the Garden of 1,000 Buddhas story -my final piece for multimedia. It was chilly, cloudy and grey, but the Mission Mountains were gorgeous, so I took a couple of stills of them near the end the trip. I haven’t experimented much with landscape or environment photography, so I worked on that this weekend.

I’m taking a guess and saying these flowers were on one of the trees at UMFLAT…

Cole and I sort of hiked up the side Mt. Sentinel (sort of is like a quarter of the way up). It was windy, so we stopped and huddled behind some rocks and looked out at the Clark Fork River, Mt. Jumbo and whatever those mountains in the distance are. The light was really nice, especially on this random, protruding stick thing.

The weekend ended with food from The Silk Road, a local tapas restaurant that switches its menu up seasonally. The menu is voted on by customers for each season. Below is Cole’s Agedashi Tofu. It was scrumptious.


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