Jester Rugby


On photographing sports… The hardest thing about sports photography (for me) is finding the opportune moment and keeping it in focus. I’ve been reading my manual with a little more frequency of late and it’s helping considerably with focusing issues (imagine that…). It also helps having the 70-200 f/2.8 lens I’ve checked out from the school. I don’t know what I’ll do when I have to start relying on my own (crappy) lenses. I shot most of these with the ISO at 200 and 250, with the last couple at 320 (as it started getting dark). Aperture was f/2.8. Shutter speed varied, but stuck around 2000 and never dropped below 1600. I’ve started reading up on sports photography for some more technical things, like ISO and shutter speed. It really helps that rugby is outdoors – I rarely get good shots when shooting indoor sports.


On rugby… I still don’t understand rugby rules. I know you can only pass backward and you can kick forward. That you have to run to the end and touch the ball to the ground. But my knowledge stops there. Awesome. Have to work on that.

Above scrum-half Jack Dooley breaks through other Jester rugby players. According to his teammates, Dooley is nicknamed “Dorothy” because of his red shoes. See color photograph below.

As my sports photography skills are nearly nonexistent, I’ve been trying to go out and photograph sports practices and such. With Maggotfest (beer + rugby) coming up in a few days, rugby seemed fitting. That and I live close enough to the practice field that I can get my carless self out there without much hassle. The University of Montana Jesters were out at Dornblaser Field today. Pad Thai making called after 30 or 40 minutes, but I got a couple of photos I liked. I thought I would put up a black and white. Little more partial to BW.

I expect I’ll head out to the drunken mess that is Maggotfest this weekend to work on rugby photography some. Last year’s trip to Fort Missoula for the fest proved to be thoroughly enjoyable with many, many spectacular photo opportunities.

(Read the Montana Kaimin’s preview on Maggotfest.)


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